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Tubelamp Green


Tubelamp is much more than a lamp.
Create atmosphere in the rooms thanks to the vertical tube in crystal and 24 kt gold finishes, grafted with a magnetic system on a precious backlit onyx base.

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Tubelamp is Smart, and through the Smartphone, emotional scenarios and changes in intensity and color of light can be managed.
The tube with magnetic coupling is free to rotate in its seat. In this way it is possible to direct the light so that it is always pleasant and indirect.
The tube is divided into two sections.
One part emits direct light on the white or colored wall and is adjustable with varying intensity.
The part facing the user, on the other hand, lights up in a very delicate way with the sole purpose of creating an atmosphere together with the Onyx base.
And thanks to the Monte Clean System it is possible to activate a system capable of sanitizing the environment and the objects found in it, eliminating 99.9% bacteria, mold, germs and viruses.
Tubelamp respects the environment as it is created with recyclable materials and the sanitation processes do not use chemicals.
Produced in the Principality of Monaco by Nebula Monaco, designed in London by Pietro Giglio, Made in Italy.
Patent Design.

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Weight 25 kg

Assembling not included.

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